Cleaning, Maintenance and Servicing

Cleaning, Maintenance and Servicing 2018-07-07T14:44:38+00:00

Servicing is a must under any warranty terms & conditions for customers to be entitled to there units manufactures warranty, producing evidence of yearly services along with original purchase receipt is mandatory if your unit is faulty with in the years of cover. Don’t risk voiding your warranty, Get annual services on your Air Conditioner.

Maintenance is a must on any cool room , split type or ducted Air Conditioner unit in any environment the indoor and outdoor coil must be clean and have a free flow of air for the system to work efficiently.

All refrigerant items need to expand off so as not to put the compressor under extra load as this will caused the system to fail. Here at A Better Air & Electrical Services we look after all your servicing and maintenance needs we can clean & sanitize units, which will help the units run efficiently and optimize unit functionality and overall unit life.

Cool Rooms must be kept clean and be serviced regularly to meet food, health and safety laws in NSW as dust, fat, food particles all can build up on the coil and can cause the unit to fail in a shop or commercial environment no one thinks of the out door unit but this is one of the most important parts of your unit and can be very costly if it fails. Call us today and let one of our friendly staff help you to keep your business going without brake down that can be avoided.

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