Test Tagging / RCD Testing

Test Tagging / RCD Testing 2018-07-07T14:45:58+00:00

Test tagging is a compulsory test required on all electrical items on a office site , work shop or industrial situation to protect the safety and well being of staff, customers and visiting workers.
At A better Air & Electrical Services we can provide full registers and compliance for your work site on 6 monthly tests and yearly test in compliance with Safety legislation.

RCD testing is also a compulsory test that is enforced by work cover an RCD safety switch is in place to protect lives and needs to be tested every 6 months in the work place. Work cover enforce large fines and disciplinary action upon employers, directors and company owners whom do not comply with these safety requirements.

So Avoid the risk when it comes to everyone’s safety and get it tested and tagged today call or email our friendly team, to have staff onsite ASAP to make your home, workplace, office space, factory or industrial shed safe today, its simply not worth the risk.

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