Air Conditioning Repair

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Air Conditioners can require repair for many reasons like: aging unit, vermin damage, flood, storm damage, power surge and neglected unit eg:(not having maintenance services done) (services must be done at least every 12 months) these can all cause component to break down and fail
These are regular issues with new and old units that are influenced by outside impacting reasons which our staff use extensive knowledge from there own experiences with faulty units and training on each brand by a technical support teams to diagnose the issues with your Air Conditioner.

Our technicians assess your unit by checking all components , all aspects and parts of the unit to diagnose the fault. Then our technicians come up with the most cost effective and practical repair or replacement for the customer and take in to account individuals circumstances with options always put forward to the customer for there personal choice in resolving there air conditioning/refrigeration issues.

At A Better Air & Electrical Services we pride ourselves on quick turn around for our customers with as little time as possibly taken from the first phone call to having technicians onsite, because here at A Better Air we know that a comfortable house hold is a happy house hold with great functioning air conditioning you will be comfortable all year round.

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